Life insurance and Medicare agents will often establish long-lasting business relationships with their clients as they meet with policyholders to discuss significant changes, make payments, or take out other insurance policies the company might offer. For many, these agents are the only representatives of the company that the policyholder ever interacts with. Therefore, they are the only ones representing the company and placing them in a positive light. Thus, it is crucial always to target only licensed and experienced life insurance agents for recruiting.

3 Ways to Target Only the Best Licensed Agents for Recruiting

Insurance brokers and agencies are continually looking for new talented agents to hire. Like anything else in the insurance industry, you must create a reliable and robust pipeline while recruiting. Doing so can help to connect you with more new talent for your company. If you are the owner of an insurance agency or a broker looking for new agents to help boost your sales, you will benefit from these helpful tips for recruiting licensed life insurance agents.

A Background in Sales is Important

While a background in insurance sales can be beneficial, an agent with sales and marketing experience can transfer that knowledge and sell insurance policies. In the insurance industry, agents face rejection regularly, so agents must have the confidence and experience to bounce back after a failed attempt and move forward. Someone who had a lot of success in sales would not only help bring in new clients for your agency, but they would also understand how to retain your existing clients as well.

Get on Their Level

People involved in sales and marketing will often be regularly active on social media sites. While LinkedIn may be obvious, you can also find licensed agents for recruiting by doing an organic search on other platforms such as Facebook. Touring your local universities, offering internships, or giving seminars is another excellent strategy to help gain interested agents’ attention.

A perfect way to give your company’s image a boost is to include younger agents and those new to the field on your panel when conducting interviews for new employees. It will help with diminishing the image of typical insurance agencies that only employ older agents.

Go With Your Instincts

As an experienced insurance company owner or broker, your gut instinct can easily detect boredom, a lousy attitude, dishonesty, or pessimism. Be sure to challenge recruits by asking them tough questions during the interviewing process. Come up with questions that will bring out their problem-solving skills and pay attention to their body language and overall interest in the conversation. It could help you separate the star performers from the agents you should avoid.

Choosing to work with a recruiting agency outside the insurance industry could cause your company issues. At Agents Careers, we have been involved with the insurance industry for 16 years and are here to help you find the best agents organically and efficiently.

To learn more about how to target the best-licensed agents for recruiting, contact us today. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.