It is easy and common to make errors when recruiting new insurance agents, but mistakes are costly and time-consuming. There are ways to avoid making recruiting mistakes and ensuring your recruiting and hiring process is sound.

Read on to learn more about five common mistakes to avoid in your recruitment process, then reach out to the experts at Agent Careers for more help.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting New Insurance Agents

There are several costly mistakes to avoid when recruiting new insurance agents:

  • Do not Allow Your Unconscious Bias to Make Decisions for you – We all bring our own experiences and ideas to the interview table. Still, it is essential not to let your unconscious biases get in the way when recruiting new insurance agents. For example, a confirmation bias is when we like people who are just like us more – this could cause you to miss out on recruiting a more diverse workforce. Hiring only people that think like you is a costly mistake.
  • Make Sure Your Potential Recruits are Qualified – Some people are not qualified to become insurance agents. Maybe they have a criminal record that excludes them or a credit history that makes it impossible for them to be qualified as an insurance agent. If this is the case, it is a mistake to waste time trying to recruit an unqualified person.
  • Do not Pass up on OverQualified Applicants – There may be times when a potential recruit seems over-qualified to become an insurance agent – perhaps they are transitioning from another insurance career or have more years of experience than anticipated. But they could be a valuable long-term agent for you, and it may be a mistake to pass on a candidate simply because they have more experience than usual.
  • Make Sure Your Potential Recruits are Interested in a Career as an Agent – Resist the temptation to sell the job to recruits. Let them sell you on why they are a good fit – if someone is not interested in doing the work or is not comfortable selling insurance, they will not be an excellent long-term hire.
  • Look Into Every Lead for Finding new Agents – Be sure to press on all possible leads to find new potential agents to recruit. Network with your professional connections, reach out to potential candidates on LinkedIn and rely on membership groups or the Chamber of Commerce for more connections. Do not leave any source untouched when recruiting new agents – it is a mistake to recruit only from one or two sources.

Final Thoughts

Recruiting new insurance agents is critical, but you have to be sure to recruit the right ones. Avoiding these common recruiting mistakes is essential, but you do not have to do it alone. Agent Careers has access to more than 2 million agents by license type and location. We employ innovative new recruiting techniques to help you avoid recruiting mistakes.

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