Recessions are an unfortunate part of any economy. Whenever an economy takes a hit, a recession can often be expected to follow. With recessions come company layoffs, budget cuts, and pay demotions, and that is if the company can stay afloat. Whenever a recession is on the horizon, anxiousness and uncertainty can quickly take hold. When your career’s future can seem in the balance, which job markets have the most job security? Are there any jobs that are “recession-proof?”

When the economy takes a dip, and every business is holding its breath, the insurance market is the safest place to call home. The insurance industry offers the strongest hold on job security during a recession simply because insurance is considered a must-have, no matter the economy. Life insurance, health insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and auto insurance are all mandatory parts of a citizen’s budget.

How is a Career in Insurance Recession-Proof?

There are not many jobs that can offer job security during an economic crisis; however, the insurance industry holds steady against changes during a recession.

Insurance Will Always be a Necessity

The insurance industry is deeply embedded within our society and has become a cornerstone of security within our lives. The risks to our health and property will never go away, and if anything, it can amplify in a downward spiral time. Perhaps the only thing worse for an employee than an economic recession would be the inability to cover their medical or repair bills.

As an insurance agent, you would have the privilege of helping people when they needed it most. It is rewarding to assure a policyholder that their car will be repaired after an accident that occurred while they were laid off. Insurance agencies offer financial protections from that risk, and therefore will always be needed.

Promised Income

By taking a job with an insurance agency, you accept a job offer that holds the promise of financial stability and growth. As stated above, the need for insurance agents will never go away. Therefore, the availability for payment, promotion, and high commission rates will not either. Another great thing about the insurance industry is that, while you can feel the pride in selling policies that truly protect your clients, you also have endless room for high commission rates and promotions. Taking pride in your career has never been so easy.

Career Stability

During a recession, layoff rates often skyrocket, except for insurance agencies. Other industries are cutting budgets and employees, and the insurance scene is actively recruiting new and promising talent. A talent that can work with clients to tailor policies to fit their needs during uncertain times.

Another reason to consider beginning a career in the insurance industry is the undeniable room for advancement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of all current insurance workforce will be retired by 2028. With 50% of the industry nearing the end of their careers, the room to climb the insurance ladder is wide open. The more passion you hold for helping your clients purchase the insurance they need, the greater your chances of reaching maximum success.

How do I Learn More?

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